Zarlit fly, (noun): large, harmless, purple insect about two feet long with 4 long, translucent wings, with a span of about a yard. It is able to walk on top of water because of it's padlike feet and feeds on small insects.


I did see a large, harmless zarlit fly, purple, about two feet long with four translucent wings, spanning about a yard, humming over the surface of the water, then alighting and, on its pad-like feet, daintily picking its way across the surface.
Book 6, Raiders: Page 5
The zarlit fly is very large, about two feet long, with four large, translucent wings, with a span of about a yard. It has large, pad like feet on which, when it alights, it can rest on the water, or pick its way delicately across the surface. Most of them are purple. Their appearance is rather formidable and can one a nasty turn in the delta, but happily, one soon learns they are harmless, at least to humans.
Book 24, Vagabonds: Page 160

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