Yellow cords, Tharna's (garment) all Tharnan men have two yellow cords about 18 inches long, commonly worn in their belt. These cords are presented to them as youth's as part of the Home Stone ceremony. They represent the mastery of men, and are suitable for binding a female hand and foot. In the same ceremony, young women are brought into the presence of the Home Stone, though they are not allowed to kiss it as do the men. They are stripped, collared, and bound by the young men. By virture of this ceremony, the females are now counted as slave.

Then, in its presence they are stripped and collared. They are then, by the young men, bound with the yellow cords, so that they will know their feel. Afterwards, they are usually conducted home by one of the young men, often he whose cords have bound them, and who may be interested in their acquisition, on his leash, usually to the home of their mother's owner, usually their father, to whom, in virtue of such a ceremony, they now legally count as slave, who will see to their disposition, or sale.
Book 24, Vagabonds of Gor: Page 268

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