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Y Edit

Year Keepers (noun): those that keep in memory the year names for the Wagon Peoples sometimes on thousand consecutive names. Book 4: Nomads of Gor, page 12 (footnote)

yellow cords, Tharna's (noun): all Tharnan men have 2 yellow cords about 18 inches long, commonly worn in their belt. These cords are presented to them as youth's as part of the Home Stone ceremony. They represent the mastery of men, and are suitable for binding a female hand and foot. In the same ceremony, young women are brought into the presence of the Home Stone, though they are not allowed to kiss it as do the men. They are stripped, collared, and bound by the young men. By virture of this ceremony, the females are now counted as slave. Book 24: Vagabonds of Gor, pages 267-268 

Yellow-Kaiila Riders (noun): a warrior society of the Kaiila tribe of Red Savages, represented by a yellow kaiila print, outlined in red, over red horizontal bars on the flanks of their kaiilas. Book 17: Savages of Gor, page 314 

Yellow Knives (noun): a tribe of Red Savages which inhabits the Barrens Book 17: Savages of Gor, page 148 

Yellow Pool of Turia (noun): housed in a magnificent chamber in the House of Saphrar is a marble basin filled with a brilliant, yellow fluid. Beneath it's oddly shifting surface is a collection of threads and granules in a transparent bag of intertwined, writhing filaments and spheres, imbedded in a darkish, yellow jelly and walled in by a translucent membrane. The pool is a living, breathing monster that slowly digests it's victims. The Yellow Pool was destroyed by Kamchak after he conquered Turia Book 4: Nomads of Gor, pages 202-213 and 322-323 

yoke, girl (noun): a narrow piece of wood with holes drilled in the middle and at each end; to secure a girl in this yoke a thong is tied around one wrist the end of the thong then being passed through the hole in one end of the yoke; thong is then passed through the middle hole of the yoke wrapped around the girl's neck then passed back out through the same hole after which it is passed through the hole at the other end of the yoke so that her other wrist may be tied to the yoke Book 12: Beasts of Gor, page 196 and 197 

yoke, silver (noun): In Tharna, male slaves are brought into the presence of the Tatrix in a yoke made of solid silver, presumably to show the Tharnan's contempt for riches. The yoke itself was valuable enough to be the ransom of an Ubar. Book 2: Outlaw of Gor, page 91 

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