Woodsmen, (Caste of) caste; known also as Caste of Carriers of Wood, individuals in this Caste are often very large and can frequently be seen carrying burdens of wood. This Caste, with the Caste of Charcoal Makers, provides fuel for the cities.

His stature and burden proclaimed him a member of the Caste of Carriers of Wood, or Woodsmen, that Gorean caste which, with the caste of Charcoal Makers, provides most of the common fuel for the Gorean cities.
Book 2, Outlaw of Gor: Page 27
The Gorean woodsman, it might be mentioned, before he will strike a tree with his ax, speaks to the tree, begs its forgiveness and explains the use to which the wood will be put.
Book 7, Captive of Gor: Page 237

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