Training; slave training (noun), education of a slave in different levels and ways.

My train­ing will not be de­tailed. In­ter­est­ingly, it lasted only a few days. One learns the kisses and ca­resses, the kneel­ings, the man­ner of tying san­dals, of dress­ing and bathing mas­ters, and such, but most at­ten­tion was de­voted, in­ter­est­ingly, to the ac­qui­si­tion of Gorean, and a num­ber of servile skills, such as cook­ing, sewing, clean­ing, laun­der­ing, and such. The point of Gorean, I sup­pose, was to pro­vide a bar­bar­ian slave with enough lin­guis­tic skill to make her sur­vival more likely. It was not hard for me, and I sup­pose for other fe­male bar­bar­ians, to adapt my­self to Gorean.
Book 31, Conspirators of Gor; Chapter seven
“Per­haps as an in­vest­ment,” he said. “One might im­prove you, with chain train­ing, whip train­ing, slave dance, and such, and then sell you for a profit.”
Book 31, Conspirators of Gor; Chapter fity-two
[see also: training room, training house]