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Torvaldsland (noun): cruel, harsh, rocky land located northwest of the Hrimgar Mountains, above the Northern Forests and below the Polar Plain with which it shares the shores of the Artic Sea. Area commonly taken to start with the thinning of the great forest trees northward; it is northwest up the coast from the Vosk delta. The Skerry of Einar, by the Rune-Stone of the Torvaldsmark, marks the boundary of the Torvaldsland and the south. The Stream of Torvald, a current, moves eastward to the coast and then north; like a broad river in the sea, pasangs wide. The temperature is warmer than the surrounding water and helps warm Torvaldsland, without this current the people couldn’t live. Torvaldsland is a cruel, harsh, and rocky land with little arable soil. Though not treeless, it is a bleak land. Ka-la-na and temwood cannot grow there and are highly prized. The men are used to the cold and accustomed to war and the labor of the oar and are seasmen, traveling in their oared Serpent ships in search of parsit fish. The Torvaldslanders are fierce and aggressive warriors, preferring the great axe as their weapon. They hold to old gods, like Odin and Thor, and are much like the Vikings of Earth.

Book 9, Marauders of Gor