The Torvaldsberg resembles a broad spear blade that has been bent at the tip. It is over four and a half pasangs in height, over seventeen thousand feet high.

Legend says that the great Torvald sleeps within the mountain, waiting to rise until he is needed once more. During the events of Marauders of Gor, Ivar Forkbeard and Tarl Cabot found a cave opening into the mountain. It was located on a ledge just below the peak.

The cave contained several rooms, covered in ancient runic lettering and pictographs. There was a central chamber containing a stone couch covered in black fur.

There were also weapons and armor here, allegedly belonging to Torvald. But Torvald's body was not present. There were no bones, no remnants. One of the weapons was a war arrow. It was over a yard long with a shaft almost an inch thick. It bore the sign of Torvald. When a war arrow is carried, all the men of Torvaldsland must respond, no matter what their situation.

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