The GOREAN wiki is is a wikia project. We are a collaborative Gorean encyclopedia and dictionary. We were set up on March 2015 and going to compiling the world's largest collection of Gorean-Information ever since!

We try to gather, research and sample gorean stuff in all it´s varieties.

Base of "The GOREAN wiki" are the novels of John Norman. Norman´s Gorean Saga, also named as Chronicles of Gor is an amazing journey throught the counter earth called Gor.

You are searching Information about Gor, gorean culture, gorean slavery, submissive woman and slavers of Gor?

You want to help to edit this wikia?

You have suggestions or ideas to this gorean wiki?

Feel free to explore the gorean wiki, edit pages and contribute new pages.

Finally have fun withe the gorean online dictionary and encyclopedia.

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