Talmit Edit

Talmit, (garment); head band worn and common in Torvaldsland. Talmits were worn by most men tied about their head, to identify their district, games they had won, or their rank. Talmits were of sea sleen or woven bands. Also mentioned as headband of the tarnsmen and narrated as kajira talmit. Also Panther Girls wear talmit(s).

Celtic headband


Torvaldsland Talmit Edit

"The talmit of skin of sea sleen is mine!" he laughed. The talmit is a headband. It is not unusual for the men of Torvaldsland to wear them, though none of Forkbeard's men did. They followed an outlaw. Some talmits have special significance. Special talmits sometimes distinguish officers, and Jarls; or a district's lawmen, in the pay of the Jarl; the different districts, too, sometimes have different styles of talmit, varying in their material and design; talmits, too, can be awarded as prizes. 
Book 9, Marauders: pg 139

Kajira Talmit Edit

Ena, who had been sewing a talmit, a headband sometimes worn by tarnsmen in flight, came to me. 
Book 7, Captive: pg 275
I looked up at Ute. "You wear the Kajira talmit," I said.
"The first girl of the work slaves," said Ute, "had been sold shortly before my capture. There had been dissensions, factions, among the girls, each wanting one of their own party to be first girl. I was new. I had no allegiances. Rask of Treve, by his will, and because, for some reason, he trusted me, set me above them all." 
Book 7, Captive: pg 286

Panther Girl Talmit Edit

"To the beasts," said the one who had spoken before. She had a wide, green-and-brown talmit. "Surely you know why we are here. We must complete our work and report to the employer. We have already risked much by bringing two collar sluts with us."
Book 32, Smugglers of Gor: Page 279
I had thought that Darla, who was large and strong, was the fiercest, the mightiest, the most formidable of women, the bold and daring leader of a dangerous band of Panther Women, women to look up to, women before whom other women might kneel in fear, women not unlike the masters themselves, women not unlike men, but here was mighty Darla, naked, on her knees, chained and shackled, her ankles bound together with her own talmit, begging to be sold. Darla, I then realized, was a woman, and perhaps not so different from other women.
Book 32 Smugglers of Gor: Pages 315 - 316