Tahari Desert (location), desert region variously known as the 'Tahari Wastes' lies east of Tor. It is hundreds of pasangs deep and thousands in length, punctuated by various oasis springs and deep wells. In some areas, it has been centuries between rains. Diurnal air temperatures in the shade are in the range of 120 degree's Fahrenheit. Klima, located far to the east in 'The Wastes' is the location of the infamous salt mines. The major tribes are the Kavars and the Aretai, and their vassal tribes, such as the Char, the Kashani, the Ta'Kara, the Raviri, the Tashid, the Luraz, and the Bakahs.

The area, in extent, east of Tor, was hundreds of pasangs in depth, and perhaps thousands in length. The Gorean expression for this area simply means the Wastes, or the Emptiness. It is a vast area, and generally rocky, and hilly, save in the dune country. It is almost constantly windblown and almost waterless. In areas it has been centuries between rains. Its oases are fed from underground rivers flowing southeast ward from the Voltai slopes. The water, seeping underground, eventually, in places, due to rock formations, erupts in oasis springs, or, more usually, is reached by deep wells, some of them more than two hundred feet deep. It takes more than a hundred and fifty years for some of this water to make the underground journey, seeping hundreds of feet at times beneath the dry surface, moving only a few miles a year, to reach the oases. Diurnal air temperatures in the, shade are commonly in the range of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Surface temperature, diurnally, is, of course, much higher. In the dune country, by day, if one were so unwise as to go barefoot, the bright sand would quickly cripple a man, abrading and burning the flesh from his feet in a matter of hours.
Book 10, Tribesman: Page 71

In the oasis towns of the Tahari, and in the vicinity of the great desert, sometimes even free women are belled, and wear ankle chains, as well, that the length of their stride may be measured and made beautiful, and perhaps, too, to remind them, even though they be free, that they are but women.
Book 24, Vagabonds: Page 21

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