A slave wagon, (noun); is a flat-bedded barred wagon like a large cage with a door in the rear in which many slaves may be transported at one time their ankles chained to a bar that runs down the center of the floor; tarpaulins can be used to cover the cage and hide the cargo. The canvas is usually blue-and-yellow covered somtimes of silk. In slave wagons, girls are nearly always transported naked.

"Very good described at Conspirators of Gor."

Book 7, Captive of Gor: Page 65
I drew back, with a rattle of chain in the wagon bed, the chain sliding along the central bar. I was the only girl in the wagon . It was drawn by a tharlarion. The canvas was a common white, not the blue-and-yellow covering, sometimes silk , usually decorating, covering, a slave wagon. The central bar runs linearly the length of the wagon bed. It is hinged at the forward end and fits into a coupling, within which it is commonly locked, at the back end of the wagon bed. My ankles were shackled, and a foot of chain joined them, the chain looped about the central bar. If one wishes to remove a girl from such a wagon, one either unshackles her, or, more commonly, that she remain ankle-shackled, for example, in a camp, one lowers the back of the wagon and unlocks the bar from the coupling at the rear of the wagon, which, lifted, allows the girl to leave the central bar and wagon.
Book 31, Conspirators of Gor; Chapter 16
In slave wagons, girls are nearly always transported naked.
Book 31, Conspirators of Gor; Chapter 16

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