Slave Paces, (noun), put a slave through the slave paces is considered for dis­play­ing her body in a di­ver­sity of as­pects. (i.e.: pos­ings, stretch­ings, curlings, lift­ings, twist­ings, floor move­ments as testing of the slave positions about grace and knowledge). That the slave paces are in addition with a verbal asses too, might be possible. Note: the slave paces as in roleplay gor often mentioned ( what are you? ....etc.) is an onlinism. [though the slave creed could be a good advice in slave training see slave creed or slave paces onlinism]

"Kneel in the circle, Slave," said the man at the table. The fellow who had opened the door stood to one side. A coiled, rawhide rope, on a clip, hung from his belt. I went to the circle and knelt in its center, on the cement. The man with the rope entered the circle and loose the rope from his belt. He tied it about my neck. The knot was at the side, under my left ear. He backed away, giving me some five feet of slack. The remainder of the rope he held, in long, loose loops, in his right hand. I knew it would serve to whip me, if necessary. I would be put through slave paces.
Book 11, Slave Girl of Gor: Page 426
“Show him some­thing,” said Menon.
“Mas­ter?” I said.
“As in slave paces,” said Menon, “pos­ings, stretch­ings, curlings, lift­ings, twist­ings, floor move­ments, such things.”
“Yes, Mas­ter,” I said.
After a short time, from the voice, I heard, “Enough.”
“Yes, Mas­ter,” I said.
I had ex­hib­ited my­self as the slave I now was.
Book 31, Conspirators Girl of Gor: Chapter 8