Gorean Role-Play-Sims Edit

BtB Sims Close to the books Sims CtB GOREAN LIFESTYLE SIM GE Sims

BtB Sims Edit

Port Ironhall Edit

Port Ironhall

Thentis Edit

Thentis - BTB GOR Deep in the Thentis Mountains at the head of the Olni River, surrounded by groves of black wine trees, famed for its blackwine, wild tarns & silver mines.  slave, kajira, Warriors, Black, rental homes. We use DG Coin HUD


Are you...  in SL to RP...  BTB..?

Looking for realistic RP where people have to face the consequences of their own RP? A sim where quality is more sought than quality and where meter damage don't compensate for lacking in RP and articulating skills? A sim where RPers, like Goreans, value life and like in the books where we over and over can read about how the warrior spares the life of his opponent even though he has both the right and the oppertunity to kill him? COME SEE US!!

GE Sims Edit

List here your Gorean-Role-Play-Sim(GE)

other Goerean Sims (describe exactly) Edit


Academy or School Edit


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