Code of the Warrior Edit

Code of the Warrior (noun) a creed characterized by a rudimentary chivalry emphasizing loyalty to the Pride Chiefs and the Home Stone; warriors are expected to know and live by its dictates.

The ethical teachings of Gor, which are independent of the claims and propositions of the Initiates, amount to little more than the Caste Codes - collections of says whose origins are lost in antiquity. I was specially drilled in the Code of the Warrior Caste.
. . .
The Code of the Warrior was, in general, characterized by a rudimentary chivalry, emphasizing loyalty to the Pride Chiefs and the Home Stone. It was harsh, but with a certain gallantry, a sense of honor that I could respect. A man could do worse than live by such a code.
. . .
"The High Castes in a given city," said my father, "elect an administrator and council for stated terms. In times of crisis, a war chief, or Ubar, is named, who rules without check and by decree until, in his judgment, the crisis is passed."
"In his judgment?" I asked skeptically.
"Normally the office is surrendered after the passing of the crisis," said my father. "It is part of the Warrior's Code."
Book 1,Tarnsman of Gor: Pages 40 - 41

Code of the warrior (Role-Play) Edit

The codes of the warrior are common in the gorean Role-Play scene and gathered and confirmed with a lot of quotes by the books, though the lists of the quotes are not officially BtB.

See: Code of the warrior (Role-Play)

See also: Aphorism of the Codes of the warrior; Maxim of the Code of the warrior

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