Gor has its own system of weights and measures. Each City has a standard "Foot" and "Stone" against which all other length and weight measurements are compared respectively. These City standards are annually brought to the Sardar fairs to be compared with the  Priest-King standard Foot and Stone.

Measurement Similar to US Measure Metric
pasang km 0.7 US mi 1.127 km
ah-ral chain 15' 4.572 m
10 ah-il cubit 18" 45.72 cm
foot foot 12.5" 31.75 cm
10 hort inch 1.25" 3.175 cm
weight stone 40 lbs 18.144 kg
10 stone kg 4 lbs 1.814 kg
Volume (liquid)
talu gallon 2 US Gal 7.571 lt
Volume (produce)
huda peck
5 tefa basket
30 6 tef ounce
day day
20 Ahn hour 1 Ahn = 1.2 hrs
800 40 Ehn minute 1 Ehn = 1.8 minutes
6400 320 80 Ihn second 1 Ihn = 1.35 seconds
c (velocity of light in a vacuum)
359,044.295 pasang/ihn 186,171.116 mi/sec 299,792.458 km/sec
1,802,617,499,785.256 furlongs/fortnight


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