Buttons, (garment); are a 'recent' innovation for slave attire and are commonly not used on the garments of free persons. Most gorean garments are fastened with hooks, pins or brooches. Buttons are considered as rather sensuous on Gor.

I undid the five buttons, red, which ran from the throat of the garment to the waist. Buttons, interestingly, were a relatively recent innovation in some Gorean slavewear. They are not used on the garments of free persons. Most Gorean garments do not have buttons, but are slipped on, or held with brooches or pins. Hooks, however, are used with some frequency. Buttons, interestingly, are regarded as rather sensuous on Gor. Buttons, obviously, may be unbuttoned, or cut away with a knife, thus revealing the slave. Many masters do not permit a girl to button her tunic in the privacy of their compartments.
Book 11, Slavegirl of Gor: Page 417

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