At gor a builder's glass (noun) the word for a telescope.

Buidlers glas

I strode to the stern castle and, with a builder's glass, looked back toward Lydius. I noted, to my interest, the large, yellow medium galley from Tyros, too, was casting off. I thought little of this at the time.
Book 8, Hunters of Gor: Page 74

I stood in the swaying basket at the height of the mast of the Dorna, the glass of the builders in hand.... I snapped shut the glass of the builders and descended the narrow rope ladder to the deck of the Dorna.
Book 6, Raiders of Gor: pp 259-260

On the heights of distant Turia itself I could see the flutter of flags and pensions. The walls were crowded, and I sup- posed many upon them used the long glasses of the Caste of Builders to observe the field of the stakes.
Book 4, Nomads of Gor: Page 82

I snapped open the builder's glass again.
Book 6, Raiders of Gor: Page 197

Lykos was standing on the wagon bench of the first wagon, with a Builder’s glass, scanning the horizon. “What do you see?” asked Astrinax. “Nothing,” said Lykos, closing the glass.

Conspirators of Gor: Chapter 19

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