Brundisium (noun): one of the largest and busiest ports of Gor and a commercial metropolis, it is 100 pasangs south of the Vosk Delta on the Thassa. The Genesian Road links it with other coastal cities. Brundisium served as the staging point for the Cosian invasion of Ar.

There must be an incredible amount of men, I surmised. I knew, of course, that considerable forces had been landed at Brundisium.
Book 21, Mercenaries of Gor: Page 38

"This is Brundisium!" said one of the girls, peeping out of the wagon. "I am sure of it!"
Book 22, Dancer of Gor: Page 101

"Ah," I said. I had turned over some of the small carpets in the tent and discerned that in one place there was an irregularity in the earth. With the point of a knife I dug there and found a small cache of coins. There were five pieces of gold there, three staters of Brundisium and two of Telnus, eleven silver tarsks, of various cities, for such circulate freely, and some smaller coins.
Book 24, Vagabonds of Gor: Page 19

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