The Caste of Brewers are a caste of workers concerned with the brewing of beer, ale, sa-paga and other grain-based beverages.

The Brewer designed and engraved in the Sixteenth. Century by J Amman

"Is that not the paga of Ar?" I asked.
"Is it not one of your favorites?" he asked, "See," he said, "It has the seal of the brewer, Temus."
Book 12, Beasts of Gor: Page 463

Tasdron had arranged them in Victoria, on the pretense of fetching a consignment of Sa-Tarna from Siba, to be brought to the Brewery of Lucian, near Fina, east of Victoria, with which brewery he occasionally did business.
Book 12, Rogue of Gor: Page 242

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