Sa-Tarna Bread, (food); is a gorean bread made from Sa-Tarna grain, described as yellow, and since it is usually described as being cut in wedges, probably baked in a round flat pan.

Sa-Tarna-Bread in cast iron pan

I thought of the yellow Gorean bread, baked in the shape of round, flat loaves, fresh and hot
Book 2, OutLaw of Gor: Page 76

He removed my hand from the binding fiber. I reached out for him. He thrust a huge piece of the yellow Sa-Tarna bread into my hands.
Book 6, Raiders of Gor: Page 114

... he gave me two generous pieces of bread, two full wedges of Sa-Tarna bread, a fourth of a loaf. Such bread is usually baked in round, flat loaves, with eight divisions in a loaf. Some smaller loaves are divided into four divisions.
Book 19, Kajira of Gor: Page 216

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