Bread, salt, and fire, (ritual); bread, salt, and fire are the three things what will be denied to a Gorean when exiled from their CityThe three things denied to a Gorean when exiled from their City.

Such a man as Marlenus can never be second in a city, and the men of Ar were determined that he should never again be first. Accordingly, the Ubar, tears in his eyes, was publicly refused bread and salt, and, under penalty of death, was ordered to leave Ar by sundown, never again to come within ten pasangs of the city.
Book 1, Tarnsman of Gor: Page 216

Marlenus, because he had lost the Home Stone and because the men of Ar feared him and his ambitions, had been publicly denied bread, salt and fire, exiled from the city and forbidden to return on pain of death.
Book 5, Assassin of Gor: Page 142

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