Brazier Edit

A brazier, (noun); is a container for fire, generally taking the form of an upright standing or hanging metal bowl or box. Used for burning solid fuel (i.e. coals), braziers principally provide heat and light, but may also be used for cooking and cultural rituals. On Gor it is used for branding, preparing black wine and more.

Branding use: Edit

Black smith brazier

The man, placing heavy gloves on his hands, withdrew from the brazier a slave iron.
Book 8, Hunters of Gor: Page 51

With a heavy glove, Hassan pulled an iron from the brazier.
"What do you think of this brand?" he asked. It was the Taharic slave mark.
"It is beautiful," I said. "But let us assure ourselves that this will be a common slave, one fit to sell north."
"A good idea," said Hassan.
He returned the one iron to the brazier and reached for another.
Book 10, Tribesmen of Gor: Page 337

Cooking use: Edit

Small back wine brazier

Brazier for preparing black wine (Tahari)

Brazier Coffee Table

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