A branding rack, (noun); is a device to which a new slavegirl is chained for branding; her hands are chained above her head, but the rest of her body is free to move, except for whichever thigh is to be branded, this being held motionless in a large vise. [see also: brand]

The girl was brought into the shop and stood in the branding rack, which was then locked on her, holding her upright. The metal worker placed her wrists behind her in the wrist clamps, adjustable, each on their vertical, flat metal bar. He screwed shut the clamps. She winced. He then shackled her feet on the rotating metal platform.
Book 13, Explorers of Gor: Page 71
At the height of the festivities the cage was opened and its occupant, a former free woman, whose name had been Melinda, now a naked slave in sleen collar was ordered froth on her hands and knees. A sleen leash was attached to her collar, and she was marched, as a she-sleen, crawling abused, to the branding rack in which I had been earlier confined. Therein she was fastened, the beams locking her ankles and neck, and wrists in place and, as her left thigh was held by strong men of Tabuk's Ford. She screamed wildly, branded, and, her thigh released, clearly marked, moaned and twisted on the wood. Her head was then shaved. Then she wept, her head back, softly moaning, held in place by the heavy beams, forgotten, as men and women returned to their feasting.
Book 11, Slavegirl of Gor: Page 238

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