Bosk Edit

Bosk, (fauna); a huge, shambling gorean animal, with a thick, humped neck and long, shaggy hair. It has a wide head and tiny red eyes, a fearful temper, and two long, wicked, curved and pointed horns. The horns, from tip to tip may measure two spears in length. It is for good reason the bosk is called "The Mother of the Wagon Peoples". Its flesh and milk furnish food and drink, shelter is made from its hides, and clothing from its tanned and sewn skins. Weapons are made from the leather of its hump and many tools and implements from its bone and horns. Even the dung is dried and used for fuel. The bosk is reverenced and the penalties for its slaughter without reason are extreme.



In several cases tarns have devoured their own masters, and it is not unusual for them, when loosed for feeding, to attack a human being with the same predatory zest they bestow on the yellow antelope, the tabuk, their favourite kill, or the ill-tempered, cumbersome bosk, a shaggy, long-haired wild ox of the Gorean plains.
Book 2, Outlaw of Gor: Page 125

Bosk of the Wagon People

Though similar in build to the yak of earth the bosk bears the heavier form of the buffalo of earth and like him, provides, food, leather and many of the needs of the people of Gor. The meat may be roasted or broiled, dried,stewed or served in a myriad of ways.
Book 4, Nomads of Gor: Page 4

Bosk cheese  Edit

Bosk cheese, (food); Sharp in taste and travels well...resisting molds in their hard rinds. Variously described, i.e. melted to be served over broken open suls.

The Tarn Keeper, who was called by those in the tavern Mip, bought the food, bosk steak and yellow bread, peas and Torian olives, and two golden-brown, starchy Suls, broken open and filled with melted bosk cheese.
Book 5, Assassin of Gor: Page 168

Bosk horn Edit

Bosk horn, (noun); a sounding horn used by the Tuchuk tribes in battle for signalling; fashioned from the horn of the bosk

Also, used as an identifying brand for any wishing to do business with the Wagon Peoples (see: Brand, Merchant) 

Our bosk horns rang out and my brave Thousand, worn in the saddle, weary, on spent kaiila, without a murmur or a protest, turned and following my lead struck into the center of the Paravaci forces.
Book 4, Nomads of Gor: Page 259

Bosk of Port Kar Edit

See: Tarl Cabot

Bosk milk Edit

Bosk milk, (food); See milk

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