Bondage knot, (noun); a knot, tied by a slavegirl in her hair on the right side of her face; it is a silent plea to her master that she be raped, or mark a slave girl to be taken.

On Gor, the female slave, desiring her master, yet sometimes fearing to speak to him, frightened that she may be struck, has recourse upon occasion to certain devices, the meaning of which is generally established and culturally well understood. I shall mention two such devices. There is, first, the bondage knot. The bondage knot is a simple looped knot tied into the girl's hair and worn at the side of her right cheek or before her right shoulder. The girl approaches the master naked and kneels, the bondage knot soft, curled, fallen at the side of her right cheek or before her right shoulder. Another device, common in Port Kar, is for the girl to kneel before the master and put her head down and lift her arms, offering him fruit, usually a larma, or a yellow Gorean peach, ripe and fresh. These devices, incidentally, may be used even by a slave girl who hates her master but whose body, trained to love, cannot endure the absence of the masculine caress.
Book 10, Tribesmen of Gor: Page 27
“What does it mean that you have bound me?” she asked.
I decided that I would have her rebranded.
She looked at me. I took a long set of strands of her dark hair, some inch and a half in thickness. I loosely knotted them at the right side of her cheek.
“The bondage knot,” she whispered.
“This will mark you as having been taken,” I said.
“Taken?” she asked. I stood up. She struggled. I strode from her, going toward the door.
Book 10, Tribesmen of Gor: Chapter 24
This exposes the soft, concave, curved tenderness of the palms, open, sensitive, and vulnerable, to the master. Another subtle device is the simple bondage knot, loosely tied in the hair. In both these ways, and others, the slave may make her needs known.
Book 31, Conspirators of Gor: Chapter 30

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