bond-maid circle, (noun); a female who enters the circle, drawn in the dirt for example, is declaring herself a bond-maid by the laws of Torvaldsland. She may enter voluntarily or be thrown into it bound and naked.

He then drew with the handle of his ax a circle, some twenty feet in diameter, in the dirt floor of the circle. It was a bond-maid circle.
Book 9, Marauders of Gor: Page 44
It was a bond-maid circle.
"Females," he cried, gesturing with the great ax toward the wall opposite the doors, "swiftly! To the wall! Stand with your backs against it!"
Book 9, Marauders of Gor
The nineteen girls regarded him, terrified, eyes wide, their faces lit in the left side by the flames of the burning wall.
"Go to the bond-maid circle," said Ivar Forkbeard, indicating the circle he had drawn in the dirt.
The women cried out in misery. To enter the circle, if one is a female, is, by the laws of Torvaldsland, to declare oneself a bond-maid. A woman, of course, need not to enter the circle of her own free will. She may, for example, be thrown within it, naked and bound. Howsoever she enters the circle, voluntarily, or by force, free or secured, she emerges from it, by the laws of Torvaldsland, as a bond-maid.
Book 9, Marauders of Gor
The Forkbeard, with the heel of his boot on the ground, drew a bond-maid circle. She looked at it. Then, to the laughter of the men, her head high, lifting her skirt, she stepped to the circle, and stood, facing him, within it.
He rose to his feet and shoved back a long table, and a bench, on the other side of the fire pit. With his heel he drew in the dirt of the floor a bond-maid circle.
Book 9, Marauders of Gor

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