Bola, (weapon); a weapon developed by the nomad tribes of the plains. It consists of 3 long straps of leather (5 feet in length) each terminating in a weighted leather sack. Whirled to great speed above the head it is released high or low depending on the intent, rapidly injuring or entangling its prey. Also employed as a game where slave girls are ordered to run while the Masters attempt to ensnare them with the bola; its image is a Kassar brand.

...Slowly, singing in a guttural chant, a Tuchuk warrior song, he began to swing the bola. It consists of three long straps of leather, each about five feet long, each terminating in a leather sack, which contains, sewn inside, a heavy, round metal weight. It was probably developed for hunting the tumit, a huge, flightless carnivorous bird of the plains, but the Wagon Peoples use it also, and well, as a weapon of war. Thrown to low the long straps, with their approximate ten-foot sweep, almost impossible to evade ,strike the victim and the weighted balls, as soon as resistance is met, whip about the victim, tangling and tightening the straps. Sometimes legs are broken. It is often difficult to release the straps, so snarled do they become. Thrown high the Gorean bola can lock a man's arms to his sides; thrown to the throat it can strangle him; thrown to the head, a difficult cast, the whipping weights can crush a skull. One entangles the victim with the bola, leaps from one's mount and with the quiva cuts his throat...
Book 4, Nomads of Gor: Page 24

In the south, the Wagon Peoples sometimes use the bola in such captures, the cords and weights, whipping about the girls legs and ankles, pinning them together, hurling her to the ground, where, in an instant, before she can free herself, the captor, leaping from the saddle, is upon her.
Book 25, Magicians of Gor: Page 299

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