File:Full Body Chain with Slave Collar Plain Ring.jpg

Body chain, (garment); Closely-meshed chain about 75 ah-ral (5 feet) long, used to bind or bedeck a kajira. May be decorated, sometimes richly, and has a detachable lock and snap clips to allow the chain to be transformed from slave jewelry to slave restraint.

She saw now that the chains had been the loops of a single, graceful body chain, sinuous and glossy, closely meshed and dark, ornamented with colorful beads of wood, semiprecious stones and bits of leather. Its full loop is some five feet in length, and it can be wound and looped, and twisted and strung about a woman's body in a variety of intricate fashions. It is light and the closeness of its meshing allows it to follow closely the contours of a woman's body. It is unbreakable. It may be worn with or without clothing. By means of small clips, snap clips or lock clips, it may be used to secure as well as adorn a woman. It is to be worn, of course, only by a slave.
Book 16, Guardsman of Gor: Page 202

The chain was now secured with snap clips, which are usually perfectly adequate, as the girl, as she is chained, cannot reach or undo the snaps. I had also, however, purchased a set of lock slips, which are useful in some chaining situations or out-of-doors, where, say, one would not wish a stranger to be able to gag the slave, undo the clips and carry her off from where, perhaps, she has been chained to a post. The body chain I had purchased, though efficient, and attractive and sturdy, was not an expensive one. Some such chains, of course, such as those sometimes worn by high slaves, .are quite expensive, being of gold and set with such stones as rubies, sapphires and diamonds.
Book 16, Guardsman of Gor: Page 203

The loop of the body chain was some five feet in length. It was made to loop the throat of a woman several times, or, by alternative windings, to bedeck her body in a variety of fashions. The chain was not heavy, but, too, it was not light. It had a solid heft in one's hand. It was closely meshed and strong. It could be used, if a man wished, and perfectly, for purposes of slave security. It was decorated sensuously, with colorful semi-precious stones and wooden beads.
Book 15, Rogue of Gor: Pages 71-72

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