Boards, chained on, (noun); a ancient modality of execution that involves the person being chained, by collar and shackles, on parallel upright boards. Like the punishment of hanging from an iron collar, the victim may take two to three days to die; these structures are most common in harbor cities near the wharves.

"Chain them on the boards," cried another. That is a similar form of punishment. In it the victim is fastened, by collars and shackles, on structures of parallel, upright boards, vertical platforms, in effect, mounted on posts. These structures are most common in harbor cities, near the wharves.

Pranger (1)

The fellow who had made the suggestion was probably from the river port of Ar's Station. In the country, impalement is often used, the pole usually being set up near a crossroads.
Book 23, Renegades of Gor: Page 15

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