Blindfold, gorean (noun); consists of two rounded pieces of soft felt, three to four inches in diameter, and the binding which is several turns of a dark thick, folded cloth, tied behind the head. The rounded pieces fit over the eyes, held in place by the scarf or tie. It is not normally used in transportation, the slave hood being preferred in those instances.

I regarded the blindfold. It was efficient and Gorean. Most blindfolds of a sort used on Earth are inefficient for one may see under them. This is not the case with the common Gorean blindfold. It consists of, commonly, three pieces, usually two rounded pieces of soft felt, three to four inches in diameter and the binding, which usualy consists of two or more turns of a dark, thick, folded cloth, or scarf, knotted behind the head. The pieces of rounded, face-hugging felt, the eyes coverings, in the girl's blindfold were about three a half inches in diameter. They were yellow. The binding, tightly behind her head, held the eye coverings securely in place. The blindfold, of course, is seldom used in the transportation of a slave. Slave hoods are much more common in such a role.
Book 15, Rogue of Gor: Page 201

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