Black Slavers, League of (noun); a confederation of whats is based in Schendi.

Schendi was an equatorial free port, well known on Gor. It is also the home port of the League of Black Slavers.
Book 13, Explorers of Gor: Page 16
"Do they never prey on ships of Schendi?" I asked.
"I do not think so," said Shoka. "If they do, I suppose the ship and its crew are destroyed at sea. One never hears of it..."
The low, sleek ships continued to pass us. I could see the black faces of crew members here and there....
I turned again to watch the ships. They were now but specks on the horizon. They plied their way northward. In the northern autumn they would return, to be refitted and supplied again in Schendi, and would then, a few weeks later, in the southern spring, ply their way southward. Schendi, located in the vicinity of the Gorean equator, somewhat south of it, provides the ships with a convenient base, from which they may conduct their affairs seasonally in both hemispheres. I was pleased that I had seen the ships. I could not have conceived of a more pleasant way in which to have made their acquaintance. I had seen the passing of the fleet of the Black Slavers of Schendi.
Book 13, Explorers of Gor: Page 101-102

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