Bina, (noun); slave beads; slave jewelry usually consisting of plain metals colored string wooden or cheap glass beads; sometimes used as a slave name.

She carried, in her hands, serveral strings of beads, simple necklaces, with small, wooden, colored beads. They were not valuable. She held the necklaces up for me to see. Then, with her finger, moving them on their string, she indicated the tiny, colored, wooden beads.
"Da Bina," she said, smiling. Then she lifted a necklace, looking at it. "Bina," she said.
I then understood the "Bina" was the expression for beads, or for a necklace of beads.
Book 11, Slavegirl of Gor: Page 81
I took from the chest a string of pearls, then one of the pieces of gold, then one of the rubies.
"Bina?" I asked, each time. Eta laughed.
"Bana," she said, "Ki bina. Bana..."
The most exact translation of 'bina' would probably be 'slave beads.' They were valueless, save for being a cheap adornment sometimes permitted imbonded [sic] wenches.
Book 11, Slavegirl of Gor: Page 82

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