Besnit (location); a city mentioned briefly in several places in the Books of Gor. Known for the unique truce with Harfax , where the Harfax High-Caste Ladies volunteered to have 100 of themselves chosen to be trained and sold in Besnit, thus sealing the two cities together

"Yes," I said. "Indeed, wars have been fought to obtain the beautiful slaves of a given city."
"The Slave Wars!" she said....
"I was thinking, rather," I said, "of various other wars, or conflicts, such as the second war between Harfax and Besnit...."
Book 24, Vagabonds of Gor: Page 273

Accordingly, the high-caste young women of Harfax were privately stripped and examined. Those deemed the most beautiful were then entered on records and given a locked bracelet to wear. A month later they were taken to Besnit and reduced to bondage. After this they were trained in Besnit by the slaves of men of Besnit. After their training they were sold, some from the city, some within it, these decisions made by lottery.
Besnit and Harfax, since that time, have been staunch allies. The proceeds from the first sales of the girls, when they were first put up for auction, whether out of the city or within it, went to the public treasury of Besnit.
Book 24, Vagabonds of Gor: Page 273
These wholesalers usually distribute to retailers, in their individual cities, or, often also, in well-known slaving centers, of which there are many for example, Ar, Ko-ro-ba, Venna, Vonda, Victoria, on the Vosk, Market of Semris, Besnit, Esalinus, Harfax, Corcyrus, Argentum, Torcadino, and others.
Book 22, Dancer of Gor: Page 102
The paucity of women, relatively, rent slaves even bringing a copper tarsk a night, had largely to do with the coming and going of the slave wagons, which tended to carry off most of the captured, apprehended refugees, women who had fled from Ar's Station for food, giving themselves to a dozen or so scattered markets, markets such as Ven, Besnit, Port Olni, and Harfax.
Book 23, Renegade of Gor: Page 143
My friend, the actor, magician, impresario and whatnot, Boots Tarsk-Bit, once narrowly escaped an impalement in Besnit on the charge of using false dice.
Book 25, Magicians of Gor: Page 59
Some Gorean cities, for example, perhaps as a military measure, in effect isolate themselves by the refusal to allocate funds for good roads. Indeed, they often go further by neglecting the upkeep of even those tracks that exist. It can be next to impossible to reach such cities in the spring, because of the rains. Besnit is an example.
Book 25, Magicians of Gor: Page 102

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