Beast, (noun); a Kuriian military formation consisting of two Hands (six Kur) and two Eyes (leader of a Hand), is called a Beast or Kur. Its military leader is a Blood

A typical Kurii foraging squad consists of six animals, called a "hand," with its "eye," or leader. Two such "hands" with their "eyes," constitutes a "Kur," or "Beast."
Book 9, Marauders of Gor: Page 241

"In their military organizations," I said, "six such Beasts constitute a Hand, and its leader is called an Eye. Two hands and two eyes constitute a larger unit, called a "Kur" or "Beast," which is commanded by a leader, or Blood. Twelve such units constitute a Band, commanded again by a Blood, though of higher rank. Twelve bands, again commanded by a Blood, of yet higher rank, constitute a March. Twelve Marches is said to constitute a People. These divisors and multiples have to do with, it seems, a base-twelve mathematics, itself perhaps indexed historically to the six digits of one of the creature's prehensile appendages."
Book 17, Savages of Gor: Page 22

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