beads on a string, (noun); a slaver's reference to free women chained in a coffle, it is an oblique reference to 'slaver's necklace'. Slaves on such a chain are referred to as 'jewels', whereas a free women is merely a 'bead'.

"The beads are on the string," said the second fellow, he who was checking the security of the chain. This was an oblique allusion to the "slaver's necklace," as a coffle of female slaves is sometimes called. To be sure, the women on this chain, as they were merely free women, had only been referred to, in rude humor, as "beads" and not "jewels."
I did not doubt, however, but what in a few months time these same women, properly disciplined, trained and brought into touch with their most profound and fundamental realities would also, in the same fashion as other female slaves, become "jewels."
Book 25, Magicians of Gor: Page 161

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