Bazi; (city), Bazi is a Thassa port city of the deep south, source of the Bazi tea prized all over Gor from Torvaldsland to the Tahari. Bazi is a free Merchant's Port, the bazi people are more interested in having their port heavily frequented, by travelers and merchants, than strictly policed. Very little is recounted in the Scrolls about this City. It is mentioned that Bazi Free Women commonly wear a light yellow veil.

From Lydius goods may be embarked for the islands of Thassa, such as Teletus, Hulneth and Asperiche, even Cos and Tyros, and the coastal cities, such as Port Kar and Helmutsport, and, far to the south, Schendi and Bazi.
Book 7, Captive: Page 59

The Merchants, who control Lydius, under merchant law, for it is a free port, like Helmutsport, and Schendi and Bazi, are more interested in having their port heavily trafficked than strictly policed.
Book 8, Hunters: Page 43

Their ships are seen as far to the south as Shendi and Bazi, as far to the north as the great frozen sea, and are known as far to the west as the cliffs of Tyros and the terraces of Cos.
Book 8, Hunters: Page 257

I saw the Voltai Range, and Glorious Ar, and the Cartius, and, far to the south, Turia, and near the shore of Thassa, the islands of Anango and Ianda, and on the coast, the free ports of Schendi and Bazi.
Book 10, Tribesman: Page 7

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