band1 Edit

band1 (noun) Kuriian military unit consisting of twelve 'Beasts' or 'Kurs'; its leader is called a 'Blood'

Twelve "Kurs," the sense of military units, constitutes one "Band." This one hundred and eight animals, including subalterns leaders, and is itself commanded by a "Blood," whose rank is indicated by two rings on the left arm. Twelve of these Bands constitutes a March. 
Book 17, Savages: pg 22

band2 Edit

band2  (noun) One of five divisions of the Kailla Tribe of Red Savages, including the Isbu , the Casmu , the Isanna , the Napoktan , and the Wismahi.

"No one will hunt until the great hunt," said Hci. "Then we will hunt. The Isbu will hunt. The Casmu will hunt! The Isanna will hunt! The Napoktan will hunt! The Wismahi will hunt! The Kaiila will hunt!" 
The Isbu, or Little-Stones band; the Casmu, or Sand, band; the Isanna, the Little-Knife band; the Napoktan, or Bracelets, band; and the Wismahi, or Arrowhead band, are the five bands which constitute the Kaiila tribe. The origins of these names are not always clear. It seems probable that the Little-Stones and the Sand bands may have had their names from geographical features, perhaps those adjacent to riverside encampments. The Wismahi, or Arrowhead, band is said by some to have once made their winter camp at the an arrowhead. 
Book 18, Blood Brothers: pg 1