Axe (great) Edit

axe, great (weapon) (Torvaldsland), described as a great, curved, single bladed axe of hardened iron with a blunt hammer-like head, it is carried in a leather loop hung from a broad leather belt worn from the left shoulder to the right hip. It is fastened there by a hook, that the weight of the ax will not turn the belt, which fits into a ring in the master belt.

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He threw back his head laughed with a wild roaring, the bloody ax in his hand. I heard the beams of the two doors of the temples being thrown in place, locking the people within. I saw their cloaks of the men of Torvaldsland hurled from them and saw, gripped in their two hands, great axes. I suddenly saw the large man of Torvaldsland, he of incredible stature, seem to come alive, veins prominent on his forehead, mouth slobbering, striking about himself almost blindly with a great ax
Book 9, Marauders: pg 27

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Axe (Kurii) Edit


Kurii leapt down the long sides of the hall, slashing, cutting men down as they fled to their weapons. The wooden shields of Torvaldsland no more stopped the great axes than dried skins of larma fruit, stretched on sewing frames, might have resisted the four-bladed dagger cestus of Anango or the hatchet gauntlet of eastern Skjern. 
More than once the blades of the Kurii axes bit through the spines of men, reaching for their weapons, and splintered, gouging, in the beams of the hall. 
Book 9, Marauders: pg 171