archon, (noun) Gorean title for a variety of civic officials,  (profession: ruler, high staff, officer; see archon) for a stated district or a city.

But the leader, as he was that, and we shall call him Archon, to utilize a Gorean title for a variety of civic officials, removed the sheath and dagger from the remains of the Kur harness he wore and handed it to Cabot.
Book 28, Kur of Gor:  Page 180

Venlisius, a bright young man who was now, by adoption, a scion of the Toratti, was with him. Venlisius was in the same office. He was records officer, or archon of records, for the Metellan district, in which we were located. Both magistrates wore their robes, and fillets, of office. They also carried their wands of office, which, I suspect, from the look of them, and despite the weapons laws of Cos, contained concealed blades.
Book 25 Magicians of Gor: Page 442

"I now hold all power over you, my dear Milo, even though I do not own you. It is given to me by this note. Should it come to the attention of Seremides, or Myron, or the high council, or an archon of slaves, or perhaps even a guardsman, you may well conjecture what might be your fate."
Book 25 Magicians of Gor: Page 447

(revised version of archon of records)