allow rebellion (training practice/not explicite descripeted btb) a practice a skilled Master will use wherein he allows a slave to show her rebelliousness add willfullness, only to break her afterwards and bring her slave-self crashing in on her. See also the slave position show rebellion , and rebellion of compliance.

... sometimes a Master encourages open defiance or rebellion on the part of a girl, he then enjoying forcing her to serve, and perfectly, so obviously, so visibly, against her will. Too, sometimes, he is amused to indulge a girl's "secret" recalcitrance, well aware of her games, her transparent reservations, her supposedly so carefully guarded and secret resistance, letting her think it is unknown, even unsuspected. When he tires of this sport, however, he reveals to her, to her horror, that she had been all this time as open to him as a book. She can then make the decision of the slave girl, to be a true slave, a full slave, or die. 
Book 22, Dancer: pg 142