An alcove, (noun); a small room in a tavern, in which a master uses a slave for his pleasure.

She looked at me, agonized. She rose to her feet and, scarcely able to move, numbly, went to the alcove. She could not bring herself to enter, through the red curtains. I took her by the left arm and thrust her within, onto the furs at my feet. I then turned about and drew shut the curtains, hooking them shut. I then turned to face her. She sat, numbly, on the furs, her knees drawn up. I took the ankle ring and chain which lay at the right corner of the alcove, as you enter. the chain is about a yard long and runs to a ring bolted in the floor. There are similar chains in the floor, opposite the red curtains. In the left handed corner of the room, as you enter, of course, on its chain, is another ankle ring. At the far corners of the room, of course, the chains terminate with wrist rings. In the centre of the wall, near the floor, opposite the curtains, the chain terminates with a collar there are provisions for lengthening and shortening the chains. All these devices work from locks, answering to a common key, which hangs high on the wall, toward the back and left, as you enter. Needless to say that key cannot be reached by the prisoner if even one of the chains is fastened upon her. Near that common key, which hangs on a peg, there is a second peg. From the second peg hangs a slave whip. 
Book 13, Explorers: pg 174
I rose to my feet and placed two copper tarsks on the table. I went to the girl and, with the side of my foot, kicked her, "Get to the alcove," I told her. 
"Yes, Master," she said, and she scrambled up, hurrying with a rustle of jewelry and bells to a leather curtained alcove
There was more Gorean applause as I followed her and, turning, from the inside, drew shut the curtains of the alcove. When I had buckled them shut from the inside I turned to face the girl. She knelt in the position of the pleasure slave, back in the alcove, on the scarlet furs, in the light of the small lamp. I looked about. There were some chains in the alcove, and a coil of rope, and a whip. 
"If Master desires special equipment," she said, "it will be provided by Busebius." 
"There is more then enough here to tame you," I said. 
Book 15, Rogue: pg 13
When one brings a girl to an alcove one may keep her there for most practical purposes for as long as one wishes. She is yours, for most practical purposes, until one chooses to reopen the curtains. After the tavern is closed an attendant will let you out and, taking charge of the girl, see that she is properly chained at her ring by the girl wall or kenneled. 
Book 13, Rogue: pg 20