Alars noun a nomadic wandering herdspeople well known for their skill with the axe and the Alar sword, they travel in wagons in the northern plains, but tend to camp near settlements, unlike the southern wagon people. Their Free women do not wear veils, rather simple, corded, belted, woolen, plain, widely sleeved, ankle-length dresses, tied snugly. There are few slaves in the Alar camps because they are killed by Free women. The Alars tend to be fair in complexion, blonde-haired and blue-eyed. Alars are identified by the characteristic thin, white scars on their faces from wounds applied shortly after birth, known as Alar Scars.

Genserix shrugged. That would remain to be seen. Feiqa knelt behind me. We were now within the laager of Genserix, a chieftain of the Alarsadic, wandering herding people, and one well known, like the folks of Torvaldsland, for their skills with the ax. 
Book 21, Mercenaries: pg 42