Azdal (location) one of four districts of the town of Tetrapoli, located on the Vosk River, west of Ragnar's Hamlet, that grew together into the town. See Ri , Teibar , and Heiban.

Its growth might be contrasted with that of Tetrapoli, much further west on the river. Ragnar's Hamlet began as a small village and, from this central nucleus, expanded. Tetrapoli, on the other hand, began as four separate towns, Ri, Teibar, Heiban and Azdal, as legend has it founded by four brothers. These towns grew together along the river and were eventaully consolidated as a polity. The four districts of the city, as might be supposed, reatin the names of the original towns. The expression "Tetrapoli" in Gorean, incidentally, means "Four Cities" or "Four Towns." 
Book 15, Rogue: pg 63